You are already who you are called to be….and through the Holy Spirit and the word of God you become
It is therefore vital to note that the image bearing installed in us is not for us because we cannot create or generate our glory. We are created to reflect what we gaze upon. The word glory in Hebrew is “kabod” which has its root meaning stemming from what means- heavy, weight, or wealth. So, the dynamic aspect of the image of God in us consequently functions as a reflector of God’s glory, the wealth of God, the heaviness, or the weight of God. We are designed to image that wealth not only in finances but in all the multi-faceted character of God
Believing in the totality of the Bible is the wisest decision you can ever make in life because this book has spoken about you, to you, in you, and has made claims about your future. Trust me, you cannot go wrong with it. It is a book worth having a place in your life and it will build your life upon the strength of its integrity and what it has promised you in this life and that to come.
Figure out your values and align your life to them. A gift will bring you before kings but it is your character that will keep you within them.


Your comfort zone has got nothing to offer except for what makes your life the way it is now, step-out and be better.


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Cancellations can be made before 30 days, Emergency cancellations have up to 6 hours before the session. The cancellation fee is calculated relative to the time of your cancellation and appointment date.

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One to One sessions are mostly done after the 9 am-5 pm work structure. However, depending on your time zone customized sessions are allowed. And also family sessions can be done at no extra costs

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